Meeting in ancient Olympia Justice - Peace - Development - Signature of Peace Chart

Meeting in ancient Olympia Justice - Peace - Development - Signature of Peace Chart


11th - 12th May 2002
Ancient Olympia
Ilia Region

The European Organisation for Strategic Planning, in collaboration with the Prefecture of Ilia and the Local Union of Municipalities & Communities of Ilia Region, organised, on 11th and 12th May 2002, a meeting in Ancient Olympia with subject:

JUSTICE - PEACE - DEVELOPMENT - CULTURE - The Role of the Local Self-government

Specific objectives of the meeting were:

1. Utilisation of the cultural stock of Olympia's land at Ilia.
2. Prominence of the Olympia land as a center for the consolidation of the Olympic truce so that it will become action.
3. Contribution of the jurist circles of our country and the world community to the establishment of world peace, as well as to the formation and security of the rule of law.

At the meeting, which was held on the premises of the International Olympic Academy (IOA), jurists of Greece and Balkan countries, judges, prosecutors, lawyers and law academics asserted their conviction that jurists can and must contribute to the maintenance of the world peace and to the safeguarding of human rights.

For the first time they issued and signed an official Declaration of Principles of the Jurists of the Balkans and the Southeast Europe for peace and Olympic truce.

The main speech of the Conference was given by the former Minister Mr. G. Zafiropoulos, who mentioned the importance of the Conference and its contribution to issues of peace, justice and development for the countries of Southeast Europe.

The meeting was honoured with the presence of:

- Deputy Minister Mr. D.Georgopoulos,
- Members of Parliament for Ilia, Mr. G.Zafiropoulos and Mr. T. Antonakopoulos,
- Prefect of Ilia, Mr. T. Dimitroulopoulos,
- Member of Parliament and former Minister, Mr. T. Mandelis,
- Member of the Central Committee of PASOK Mr. G.Koutsoukos,
- Former Prefect Ms. Aleka Markogiannaki,
- Mayors of Foloi, Mr. Th.Papailiou, of Lechena Mr. D.Chatzigiannis, of Vartholomios Mr. S.Adaos and of Megalopolis Mr. S.Tsirigotis,
- Former Mayor of Ancient Olympia Mr. G.Deves,
- Professor and well known supporter of Olympism Mr.G.Dolianitis
- President of the Ilia Bar Association Mr. K.Tzavaras
- Secretary of Prefectural Committee of PASOK, Mr. N.Famelos
- Secretary of SYN Mr. N.Papavasiliou
- Commander of Fire Service Mr. K.Dindas
- Representatives of military and police authorities of the Region, as well as several jurists - lawyers

Furthermore, representatives of entrepreneurial associations and public organisations participated.

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