Conferences 2018

Conferences 2018

Conferences 2018

  • International Conference

Croatian Pan-European Union


— the Historical Heritage and the Perspectives of the European Union

Zagreb, 19-21 October 2018


  • International Conference

Pan-European Union of Ukraine

І. Paneuropean Conference in Ukraine

Kyiv, 18-19 October 2018


  • Pan-European Union of Germany

50th Andechs Europe Day

"State, Politics and the Rebirth of the Religious"

Andechs, 13-14 October 2018


  • Montenegrin Pan-European Union

International Conference

For Europe: Communicating European Integration between EU Member States and Enlargement Countries

Zagreb, Hotel Palace, 21—23 September 2018


  • Pan-European Union of Germany

44th Paneuropean Days in Paderborn and Corvey

"Identity, Democracy, Sovereignty - Triad for PANEUROPA"

22-24 June 2018, Paderborn


  • Enlarged Presidency Council of the

International Paneuropean Union

Bosnia and Herzegovina, Orašje, 26 May 2018


  • International Conference

Pan-European Union of Bosnia and Herzegovina

European Enlargement Process: Cross Border Cooperation as an Instrument of European Integration Orašje, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 25 - 27 May 2018


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